a first vertical row from the left on a chessboard
    A ampere
    A & E accident and emergency
    A & M Agricultural and Mechanical
    A & P Agricultural and Pastoral
    A & P mix advertising and promotion mix
    A & R artists and repertoire
    a cappella by voices only, unaccompanied by musical instruments
    à cheval by placing a bet on two adjacent numbers or cards to mitigate the risk of losing
    à deux involving only two people and therefore private
    a fortiori for an even stronger reason
    à gogo in a whirl of activity (The club was completely à gogo by nine in the evening); as much as anybody could want (The restaurant serves caviar à gogo)
    à la in the style of somebody or something
    à la carte with each dish on a menu priced separately (Table d'hôte is the opposite of à la carte)
    à la grecque cooked in a sauce made with olive oil, lemon, wine, and herbs, and served cold
    à la king cooked in a cream sauce with green peppers and mushrooms
    à la mode in fashion (Black corduroy is extremely à la mode this season); served with ice cream (The host served apple pie à la mode)
    à l’espagnole prepared in a style inspired by Spanish cookery, usually containing tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and garlic, and fried in olive oil
    A level the advanced level of any subject studied in UK schools
    A list the people most sought after or most in demand for a function or gathering
    a posteriori reasoning or knowledge from observed facts or events back to their causes
    a priori reasoning or knowledge from theoretical deduction rather than from observation or experience.
    A share a share in a company in UK that does not entitle the holder to voting rights
    a tempo in or back into a previous musical tempo
    A to Z a book containing maps and alphabetical lists of street names and map references for a town or city; an alphabetically arranged reference work
    A&L assets and liabilities
    Å angstrom
    A.A. Alcoholics Anonymous
    a.b. Baseball at bat
    A.B. Bachelor of Arts
    A.D. anno Domini (anno Domini is a Latin phrase meaning, "in the year of the Lord") Used to indicate the number of years after the birth of Jesus Christa (e.g. 1857 A.D. or 6th century A.D.) A.D. is currently being replaced with CE (Common Era) to avoid the association with Christianity.
    a.d.c. Air Defense Command
    a.f. audio frequency
    A.G. Attorney General
    A.h. ampere-hour
    a.k.a. also known as
    A.L.S. autograph letter, signed
    a.m. ante meridiem (before noon)
    A.M. amplitude modulation
    a.p. additional premium
    A.S.P.C.A. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    A.U. astronomical unit
    a.v. ad valorem
    a/c account
    A/C air conditioning
    a/o account of
    A/W actual weight
    A1 in excellent condition